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Published Papers

·    “Impact of European Food Safety Border Inspections on Agri-Food Exports: Evidence from Chinese Firms.” China Economic Review, 2018, 48: 66-82. (with Matthias Beestermöller and Lionel Fontagné).

·    “Globalisation and national trends in nutrition and health: A grouped fixed-effects approach to intercountry heterogeneity.” Health Economics, 2017, 26(9): 1146-1161. (with Lisa Oberlander and Fabrice Etilé).

·    “Interdependencies between Atlantic and Pacific agreements: Evidence from agri-food sectors.” Economic Modelling, 2016, 55: 241-253. (with Charlotte Emlinger and Jean Fouré).

·    “Trade Restrictiveness Indices in presence of Externalities. An Application to Non-Tariff Measures.” Canadian Journal of Economics, 2015, 48(4): 1513-1536. (with John Beghin and Stéphan Marette). Online Appendix. Data AVEs.

·    “Tariff Liberalization and Trade Integration of Emerging Countries.Review of International Economics, 2015, 23(5): 946-971 (with Lionel Fontagné and Mondher Mimouni).

·    “North-South Standards Harmonization and International Trade.The World Bank Economic Review, 2015, 29(2): 327-352 (with Lionel Fontagné and Olivier Cadot).

·    “Are consumers concerned about palm oil? Evidence from a lab experiment.Food Policy, 2013, 43: 180-189 (with Stéphan Marette and Guy Millet).

·    “Globalisation Issues and Consumers’ Purchase Decisions for Food Products: Evidence from a Lab Experiment.European Review of Agricultural Economics, 2013, 40(1): 23-44 (with Stéphan Marette).

·    “Welfare costs and benefits of non-tariff measures in trade: a conceptual framework and application.” World Trade Review, 2012, 11(3): 356-375 (with John Beghin, Stéphan Marette and Frank van Tongeren).

·    “Taxes, minimum-quality standards and/or product labeling to improve environmental quality and welfare: Experiments can provide answers.” Journal of Regulatory Economics, 2012, 41(3): 337-357 (with Stéphan Marette).

·    “How do consumers in developed countries value the environment and workers’ social rights in developing countries?” Food Policy, 2012, 37(1): 1-11 (Lead paper) (with Stéphan Marette).

·    “Trade Impact of European Measures on GMOs Condemned by the WTO Panel.” Review of World Economics, 2010, 146(3): 495-514 (with Lionel Fontagné).

·    “Non-Tariff Measures in Agri-Food Trade: What Does the Data Tell Us? Evidence from a Cluster Analysis on OECD Imports.” Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy, 2010, 32(3): 436-455 (with Frank van Tongeren).

·    “The Combination of Gravity and Welfare Approaches for Evaluating Non-Tariff Measures.” American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 2010, 92(3): 713-726 (with Stéphan Marette).

·     “How does investing in cheap labour countries affect performance at home? Firm-level evidence from France and Italy.” Oxford Economic Papers, 2010, 62(2): 234-260 (with Giorgio Barba Navaretti and Davide Castellani). Supplementary material

·    “A quantitative assessment of the determinants of the net energy value of biofuels” Energy Policy, 2010, 38(5): 2282-2290 (with Jean-Christophe Bureau, Christine Gauroy and David Tréguer).

·        “Exposure to foreign media and changes in cultural traits: Evidence from naming patterns in France.” Journal of International Economics, 2010, 80(2): 226-238 (with Keith Head and Thierry Mayer).

·    Bilateral Trade of Cultural Goods.Review of World Economics, 2010, 145(4): 575-595 (Lead paper) (with Silvio Tai, Lionel Fontagné and Thierry Mayer).

·        “The Impact of Regulations on Agricultural Trade: Evidence from the SPS and TBT Agreements,” American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 2008, 90(2): 336-350 (with Lionel Fontagné and Mondher Mimouni).

·        “The Puzzling Persistence of the Distance Effect on Bilateral Trade,” Review of Economics and Statistics, 2008, 90(1): 37-48 (with Keith Head).

·        Je t’aime, moi non plus : Bilateral Opinions and International Trade,” European Journal of Political Economy, 2007, 23(4): 1140-1159 (with  Thierry Mayer).

·        “La qualité du cadre juridique constitue-t-elle une barrière au commerce ? Application aux économies en transition”, Revue Economique, 2006, 57(1): 135-151 (with José de Sousa). 

·        “How Different is Eastern Europe? Structure and determinants of location choices by French firms in Eastern and Western Europe,” Journal of Comparative Economics, 2004, 32(2): 280-296 (with Thierry Mayer).

·        “Biais domestique et concurrence des processus d’intégration dans les échanges de l’Europe du Sud-Est”, Économie Internationale, 2002, 89-90(1-2): 209-225 (with Jean-Louis Mucchielli).

Chapters in Books

·   “Harmonizing non-tariff measures – Always a blessing?” in Delimatsis P. (ed.), The Law, Economics and Politics of International Standardisation, Cambridge University Press, 2015, pp. 242-271 (with Olivier Cadot and Lionel Fontagné).

·   “The Economics and Potential Protectionism of Food Safety Standards and Inspections. An Application to the U.S. Shrimp Market,” in Beghin J. (ed.), Non-Tariff Measures with Market Imperfections: Trade and Welfare Implications, Emerald: Frontiers of Economics and Globalization Series, 2013, pp. 43-71 (with John Beghin and Stéphan Marette).

·        “Standards Harmonization and South-South Trade,” in Cadot O. and M. Malouche (eds.), Non-Tariff Measures - A Fresh Look at trade Policy’s New Frontier, World Bank and CEPR, 2012, pp. 155-166 (with Lionel Fontagné and Olivier Cadot).

·        “Le discours d’expert dans la gestion du risque alimentaire: l’exemple du méthylmercure,” in Léglise I. and N. Garric (eds.), Discours d’experts et d’expertise, Peter Lang, 2012, pp. 153-177 (with Valelia Muni Toke).

·        “Trade, border effects, and individual characteristics : A panel specification with instrumental variables estimators,” in Mucchielli J.-L. and T. Mayer (eds.), Multinational Firms’ Location and the New Economic Geography, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 2004, pp. 59-75 (with José de Sousa).

Other Publications

·        “Does globalization influence nutrition patterns and health?”, PSE, 5 papers … in 5 minutes, 2017. (with Lisa Oberlander and Fabrice Etilé).

·       Les nouveaux enjeux du commerce et du développement”, PSE Newsletter N°28, 2016.

·       “What’s driving the worldwide obesity epidemic,” The Conversation, 2016. (with Lisa Oberlander and Fabrice Etilé).

·       “Atlantic versus Pacific Agreement in Agri-food Sectors: Does the Winner Take in All?” PSE, 5 papers … in 5 minutes, 2015. (with Charlotte Emlinger and Jean Fouré).

·       “Les accords régionaux peuvent-ils réduire les exportations des pays du Sud?,” INRA Sciences Sociales # 3-4, 2014.

·       “Trade Restrictiveness Indices in Presence of Externalities : An Application to Non-Tariff Measures,” PSE, 5 papers … in 5 minutes, 2014. (with John Beghin and Stéphan Marette).

·       “The market opportunities for the EU agri-food sector in a possible EU-US trade agreement,” Report for the European Parliament, 2014. (with Jean-Christophe Bureau, Charlotte Emlinger, Gabriel Felbermayr, Lionel Fontagné, Jean Fouré and Sébastien Jean).

·       “Evaluer l’impact des instruments financiers en faveur des enterprises,” French Development Agency Working Paper #137, 2014. (with Olivier Cadot, Julien Gourdon, Jérôme Héricourt and Akiko Suwa-Eisenmann).

·       “Les enseignements des évaluations d’impact des fonds de garantie,” Techniques Financières et Développement # 113, 2013. (with Olivier Cadot and Julien Gourdon).

·       “Evaluation scientifique de l’indicateur ‘Aide publique au développement à l’international liée à la biodiversité’,” in FRB (ed.), Evaluation scientifique des indicateurs de la Stratégie Nationale pour la Biodiversité, 2013. (with Patrice Brehmer, Bénédicte Herbinet, Barbara Livoreil and Pierre Zagatti).

·       “How regional agreements tend to restrain Southern countries’ exports,” Note G-Mond # 4, 2012. (with Lionel Fontagné and Olivier Cadot).

·       “Développement durable et comportement des consommateurs,” INRA Sciences Sociales # 2-3, 2011. (with Pierre Combris and Stéphan Marette).

·       “Case Studies of Costs and Benefits of Non-Tariff Measures: Cheese, Shrimp and Flowers,” OECD Food, Agriculture and Fisheries Working Papers, N°28, 2010. (with Frank van Tongeren, Joanna Komorowska, Stéphan Marette and Martin von Lampe).

·        “Les normes réglementaires, un protectionnisme déguisé ?,” La vie des idées, 2009.

·        “Sanitary and Phytosanitary Norms and Technical Barriers to Trade: What Impacts on the International Trade of Agricultural Products?,” INRA Sciences Sociales # 3, 2008.

·        “Trade Effects of SPS and TBT measures on Tropical Products,” ICTSD Issue Paper # 12, 2008. (with Belay Fekadu, Carlos Murillo and Sara A. Wong).

·        “A Comparison of the Barriers faced by Latin American and ACP Countries’ Exports of Tropical Products,” ICTSD Issue Paper # 9, 2007. (with Jean-Christophe Bureau and Priscilla Ramos).

·        “Etude sur les échanges internationaux de produits culturels français : situation et perspectives,” Report for the French Ministry of Culture, 2007. (with Thierry Mayer, Silvio Tai and Lionel Fontagné).

·        “Les frontières comptent-elles encore?,” Cahiers Français, 2005, 325: 39-42.

·        “Effets frontières et commerce régional : l’exemple des Balkans,” Mondes en Développement, 2001, 29(115-116): 63-72. (with Jean-Louis Mucchielli).

Working Papers & Work in progress

·   “Boosting Exports through Intermediate Input Imports?” PSE Manuscript. (with Florian Le Bris and Mélise Jaud).

·    “Export Decision under Risk” PSE Manuscript. (with José de Sousa and Carl Gaigné).



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